S2 E1: A Sex Toy Shop for Misfits and Mutants by Margaret Reynolds

S2 E1: A Sex Toy Shop for Misfits and Mutants by Margaret Reynolds

Once upon a time, there was a sex toy store that lived in a nondescript strip mall, surrounded by nail salons and amphibian pet stores. However, this is not your average sex toy store. This is a sex toy store that sells both dildos and offers a haven for queer shape shifters. A locale that promotes safe sex and employs the sassy and winged. If you’re ready to hear more about the lives of the employees who work here, explore this new documentary series titled, “A Sex Toy Shop for Misfits and Mutants.” 


CW: discussion of sexual topics; cursing



Today’s story is A Sex Toy Shop by Misfits and Mutants by Margaret Reynolds


Twitter: @thatmountaingay


This story is read by Liz Muller


This episode was edited by Leah Cornish


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