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Episode 23: The Other Women by Emily Shapiro

A woman is haunted by her body image—or the image she has of her skinnier body. Everywhere she goes she is followed by this double. Work, gym classes, and doctors appointments, her thinner self misses none of it. All the while her wife is expressing a desire to start a family. As the prospect of...

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Episode 22: Stuart Livingston Hill by Geer Austin

Aging fashion designer Stuart Livingston Hill loses his boyfriend and his job, and he’s convinced no one will ever hire him or love him again. ——————————   Remember to visit to help support our podcast endeavors. We have tiers of all levels, simply select the one that’s right for you.   ——————————   Today’s...

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Episode 21: The Queen of Hearts and the Cheshire Cat by Bel Harbright

Miss Patti, perpetual Saturday evening barkeep at the Ruby Palace, finds herself enamored with the mysterious Cheese Guy, a greasy, dashing man who nobody quite knows, and tries her best to find out what she can about him and why he seems so obsessed with her.   CW: descriptions of sexual acts, alcohol and minor...

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Episode 20: Shepherd by Jeffrey Ricker

Joe and Ed have retreated to their summer house while Joe grapples with a long-term illness. When a stray dog appears in their yard, Joe begins to wonder if his grasp on health and reality is slipping.   CW: mentions of a terminal illness ——————————   Today’s story is Shepherd by Jeffrey Ricker website:

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Episode 19: Greatest Hits Vol 1

Instead of a new story, this week we’re bringing you a smattering of clips from all of our previous episodes! Share with your friends!   Story timecodes are as follows Sharing Glances 1:05-3:31 Her Name was Dana 3:33-06:36 Gravity 06:39-8:23 Sorted 8:26-11:14 Queering Borders 11:15-14:04 Raunch Daddy 14:05-16:24 Designated Driver 16:25-19:28 Prima Donna 19:30-21:53 The...

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Episode 18. Dread by Katherine Gleason

When a catastrophic fire strikes Keira’s neighborhood, she takes refuge in a dangerous place: the home of her ex-girlfriend. Will she stay and live with the danger she knows? Or will she muster the courage to leave and face the unknown?   CW: abusive relationship, violence, post-disaster setting ——————————   Today’s story is Dread by...

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Episode 17. At the End of the Breakwater by Dustin Buursma

Framed in a conversation on the breakwater, Simon recalls his passionate friendship with Grayson when they first met in high school, and the chances he took and didn’t take.    CW: use of a slur, alcohol consumption ——————————   Today’s story is At the End of the Breakwater by Dustin Buursma Twitter: @DustyBuurd   This...

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Episode 16. Have Your Cake by Jonathan Robert Leon

Brett deals with the trauma resulting from an extramarital affair while trying to get through his son’s birthday party.   CW: adultery, alcohol consumption, implied rough sex ——————————   Today’s story is Have Your Cake Twitter: @JRobbinsLeon This story is read by Jonathan Robbins Leon   This episode was edited by Leah Cornish   This...

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