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Episode 15: Lemon by Kirsten Perry

A young painter finds inspiration, and then some, in the most unlikely of places — a strip club. CW: alcohol consumption —————————— Today’s story is Lemon by Kirsten Perry Instagram: @kirztenperry   This story is read by Leah Cornish This episode was edited by Leah Cornish   This episode was sponsored by Tavour – for...

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Episode 14: A Sex Toy Shop for Misfits and Mutants by Margaret Reynolds

Once upon a time, there was a sex toy store that lived in a nondescript strip mall, surrounded by nail salons and amphibian pet stores. However, this is not your average sex toy store. This is a sex toy store that sells both dildos and offers a haven for queer shape shifters. A locale that...

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Episode 13: Bonus Listener Questions!

We’re taking a week to catch up on reading submissions, and casting narrators, and instead we’re answering a bunch of listener questions! Join us, won’t you?   ——————————   This episode was hosted and edited by Leah Cornish   Our music is Realm Daytime by Peritune: Music promoted by Attribution 4.0 International (CC...

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Episode 12: Wine and Magnolias by Lela E. Buis

Halloran paranormal investigators arrive in a South Georgia town to work at a bed and breakfast. Holly’s brother and his wife are side-tracked by a seafood allergy, so Holly ends up working alone. She meets a young girl named Irina that she thinks is a college student, and they have a romantic encounter.  CW: description...

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Episode 11: That’s a Night Outfit by Margaret Reynolds

El is a jaded teen who has no time for unicorns, almonds, or Ambers, but what happens when Ambers have cute dimples and tell adorably dumb dad jokes? “That’s a night outfit” is a tale of friendship bracelets, unfortunately named camping lodges, and of course, queer romance.   CW: use of a slur, mild drug...

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Episode 10: Cromartie Street by Morgan Christie

In her search for table salt, and the street she purchased it on, a young woman learns to embrace herself, her strength, her past love, and her ability to fly.     CW: mention of past character death ——————————   Today’s story is Cromartie Street by Morgan Christie   “Cromartie Street” first appeared in the anthology...

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Episode 9: The Ibex Tattoo by Gwen Katz 

In ancient Scythia, a woman who can’t fight is worse than useless. But chronically-ill Arimas finds another way to prove her value. Content Warnings: injuries; description of tattooing —————————— Today’s story is “The Ibex Tattoo” by Gwen Katz  @gwenckatz on Twitter and Facebook; This story is read by Zeynep Akca  @zeynakca on Instagram  ...

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Episode 8: Prima Donna by Kathleen Jowitt

Everybody knows why the great Signora Valli left the Licorne opera company. Everybody, that is, except Monsieur Perret, who has taken the brave – some would say, foolish – decision to cast her opposite rising star Delphine Vincent-Leclerc in Rossini’s Tancredi. But what everybody knows is only half the story. ——————————   Today’s story is...

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