A Story Most Queer

A podcast featuring weekly narratives by and about queer people

A Story Most Queer | Angst | Gay | Modern Setting

S2 E14: A Palm in the Tundra by William Lunt

July 28, 2020

Covering the events that compelled the author to leave their ultraconservative home in Utah and find sanctuary in Los Angeles. This story takes place in 1984.    CW: Character death, grief...

A Story Most Queer | Angst | First Person Narration | Lesbian

S2 E9: The Other Women by Emily Shapiro

March 24, 2020

A woman is haunted by her body image—or the image she has of her skinnier body. Everywhere she goes she is followed by this double. Work, gym classes, and doctors appointments, her thinner self miss...

A Story Most Queer | Angst | Comedy | First Person Narration | Gay

S2 E8: Stuart Livingston Hill by Geer Austin

March 17, 2020

Aging fashion designer Stuart Livingston Hill loses his boyfriend and his job, and he's convinced no one will ever hire him or love him again. ------------------------------   Remember t...

A Story Most Queer | Angst | Hurt/Comfort | Lesbian | Modern Setting

S2 E5: Dread by Katherine Gleason

February 12, 2020

When a catastrophic fire strikes Keira's neighborhood, she takes refuge in a dangerous place: the home of her ex-girlfriend. Will she stay and live with the danger she knows? Or will she muster the co...

A Story Most Queer | Angst | First Person Narration | Gay | Hurt/Comfort

S2 E4: At the End of the Breakwater by Dustin Buursma

February 4, 2020

Framed in a conversation on the breakwater, Simon recalls his passionate friendship with Grayson when they first met in high school, and the chances he took and didn't take.    CW: use of ...

A Story Most Queer | Angst | Explicit | Gay | Modern Setting

S2 E3: Have Your Cake by Jonathan Robert Leon

January 29, 2020

Brett deals with the trauma resulting from an extramarital affair while trying to get through his son's birthday party.   CW: adultery, alcohol consumption, implied rough sex -----------...

A Story Most Queer | Angst | Bisexual | First Person Narration | Historical Fiction

S1 E9: The Ibex Tattoo by Gwen Katz 

November 12, 2019

In ancient Scythia, a woman who can't fight is worse than useless. But chronically-ill Arimas finds another way to prove her value. Content Warnings: injuries; description of tattooing ---------...

A Story Most Queer | Angst | Ghost Story | Lesbian | Modern Setting

S1 E7: Designated Driver by Janina Woods

October 29, 2019

When Lucy dies, she becomes Death's designated driver for a year. Everything is much stranger than she could've ever imagined.   Content Warnings: character death; macabre imagery ------...

A Story Most Queer | Angst | Drag Queens/Kings | Explicit | Gay | Modern Setting

S1 E3: Gravity by Amanda Krupman

September 24, 2019

Davis does drag under the name Starla La. But lately he's felt trapped, suffocated, by the oversized persona. On this night, after a performance, Davis/Starla meets Junkette and takes them home. Co...

A Story Most Queer | Angst | Comedy | First Person Narration | Lesbian | Modern Setting

S1 E2: Her Name Was Dana by Gel Pavone

September 17, 2019

A queer woman ruminates on her past failed relationships, hinting that she sabotaged them all. ------------------------------ Today’s story is Her Name Was Dana by Gel Pavone @beefgellington o...